Friday, May 17, 2013

Fashion Bloggers- The good, the weird, and the ugly!

We all have our fashion bloggers that we follow and respect, and who truly do have great style. After reading a very interesting article in WWD (woman's wear daily) it came to our attention and very personal opinion that is, are the top tier fashion bloggers sincere?
Its not unusual that bloggers are sponsored and the more popular with fans and followers more in demand they become with fashion houses and online style destinations like ourselves. Does the huge following change the style direction of who the blogger once was?  Do fashion bloggers become to big for their boots? This is a topic that we love to discuss because some may argue that they don't and some may argue that they do? Lets hear your feed back, and maybe we can start a little online blog debate (just us SaVous lovers of course) Tell us who is your favorite blogger and why? Have they stayed on the same path since day one.. or have they veered in to the high end fashion tier now that affordable fashion is no longer their standards?

One of our most sincere fashion bloggers is Rubi Ortiz from Pretty in Fashion we adore her, and her style and she has never changed and always worked closely with SaVous since day one

Here's a snap of Rubi and how she styles her SaVous clothing (Blog Pretty in Fashion)

Our newest member is Adriana from blog Fake- Leather! How cute is she? 

Kisses SaVous team xox