Friday, December 13, 2013

Xfactor takes over SaVous Style

Right now we are totally digging the Xfactor style, and can't help loving that for two weeks in a row super star Kelly Rowland has been sporting SaVous style, but the best news ever is that you can get her looks for under $50.00!!! Now thats news!

We love Kelly's top celebrity stylist Marni, but lets be honest, and we mean really honest, we just can't justify the crazy prices! Fashion is seriously yeah we mean seriously about having fun and taking risks, showing your personality but within our means? We know thats what a SaVous gal does anyways!

Check out Kelly's looks and how you can pull these off with the help from us at SaVous!

 This rad floral bomber is divine - Shop the look here -
Kelly teamed this look with the matching skirt, in our eyes this was a little too much, due the jacket already being a major statement. This look would have looked killer matched with a gorgeous pair of black dressed joggers. To allow the bomber to accent more...

Another sweet look from Kelly wore on last nights Xfactor was our Clone me stripped knit, that she teamed with aaaaalot of chunky pearl necklaces, it gave the look a edgy finish and jazzed up the chicness of the stripes. 

Our newest model Kristina modestly shows off below ;) Shop the look here: 
Kelly looks killer in hers!

And again.... 
Even though we love this look, we can't help but thinking it would look insanely hotter if it was teamed with red leather pants instead of the white pants? Just a thought... Please share yours too!